Monday, September 2, 2013

August NewFo

August has been the busiest month ever!  The garden has been producing so fast we can barely keep up with it.  And with the Hexie Blog Hop I had to get busy and make a few projects which also gave me a head start on Christmas gifts.  So today for the 2013 NewFo Challenge I have lots of photo's to share. 

I am almost finished with this Schnibbles Quilt called Canasta.  I made it out of 30's reproduction fabrics and the baskets blocks are 5 1/2 inches.  It took me a lot longer than I thought it would.  I love it though.

My Grand daughter Fiona has been working on this teddy bear for several weeks.  She picked out the fabric and made it mostly herself.  I am so proud of her and hope she continues to have the desire to sew and create.  Fiona is 11 and the oldest of my 8 grand kids.  

Garden Produce

Bottled Banana Squash for Pies, went into the freezer.

This quilt is for Amy my niece.  She lives in Idaho.  My mom and I went to visit them early August and she picked out the fabric and pattern.

More Canning...Mustard Relish and Pepper Relish, Pickles, Apple Pie Filling, Pasta Sauce, BBQ Sauce, you get the picture.

Christmas present for Miss Presley, I spy quilt made with 10 inch hexie's

Hexie I-Spy Quilt for Oliver for Christmas 5 inch hexie's

Finally got this one quilted...

I made a couple of Hexie Pincushions...

This one was a winner and I won a fabric bundle from Madame Sam  YAY!!!!

I wish every month was this productive.  Thanks for stopping by.  Vickie


  1. How cool that you got so many pressies finished.

  2. boy you sure have been busy and love the teddy your grand daughter is making,well done.xx

  3. Great projects and a full pantry - you've really been productive this month!

  4. Wow, I wish I could do so much in a month. You are sew very productive.

  5. Wow and Wow! Canning to boot! I would love to can veggies. I am afraid I would poison my family. The grandma in law that knew how to do this is long gone. She is truly missed for many reasons! Great Projects!
    Aileen in FL

  6. You certainly have some fun things going on over there. It is so fun to have a granddaughter pick up sewing....

  7. Very cute projects. Summer is so much fun, isn't it?

  8. You are a busy busy lady! Wonderful projects and what special memories for your granddaughter sewing with her Gramma!

  9. Lots of lovely eye candy this past month. You've been very busy! Sew glad that lovely pin cushion won. Well deserved!