Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DQS Received and pix of our new home.

When I got home tonight I found a fun package from Sharon, my Doll Quilt Swap Partner for February.  The theme was Something you Love.  So I told Sharon that I really love hearts, maybe it's because I was born in February.  She hit the nail on the head with this little quilt.  And don't you love the cute little rag doll made from the same fabrics as the quilt.  She also included 4 fat quarters and said Happy Birthday!  She is so sweet!

 If you click on the picture you will see that she added cute little buttons in the shapes of hearts and some round ones too tied with embroidery floss.  She really added some special touches.
 Look at the little hearts she sewed into the border.  I sure love it Sharon.  You should all go see her blog and look at all the fun things she makes.  Click HERE to go to Sharon's Blog.
And... Presenting our new home.  We can't move in until March because there are still renters living there but I can show you a few pix of the front west side and the back west side and the giant purple wall which is beautiful but not me...and the huge kitchen.

 I think the grand kids will love playing on all the cement and asphalt and the yard is huge but covered in snow at the moment...of course that just means more snowmen in the winter time.

See that cute little house right by the trailer, that is my new sewing room/house/cottage/studio.  It has a full kitchen and a full bathroom and bedroom so I may never go into the big house again.  
I really don't have anything against purple but it doesn't go with anything I own.  Look at the paint technique she used.  It has the same color stripes done in flat and gloss.  This really gives a regal effect.  Unfortunately I'm not regal or fancy.
Sorry about all the glare.  The snow outside makes things interesting when taking pictures.  Anyway you can see most of the Kitchen.  It is huge!  Wish I liked to cook!  Good thing my husband does.

Even though it is a great house just as it is.  I have lots of ideas of how to make it my own and I can't wait to get started!  Check back soon as we transition from homeless to homeowners, lol.  Thanks for stopping by.  Vickie


  1. wow Vickie i love what Sharon sent you she is such a sweetie,its a lovely parcel to receive,and boy your new home is awesome,bet you cant wait to move in.xx

  2. Cute, cute little quilt!! Have fun with the move. It looks like you'll have plenty of space to decorate and make cozy.

  3. Happy Birthday this month! Sharon's dolls and quilt are so cute. Your a lucky gal.

    Enjoy your new home.

  4. So glad you are happy with your quilt and dollie - love your new home, gosh I thought that little house was for me! LOL You are so going to have fun in your own studio.

  5. Hi Vickie, love your blog. I popped over from Sharon's because she said it is your birthday this month. Happy birthday, have a great day. Your new home looks amazing and you are so lucky to have the little house as your sewing place.