Monday, September 3, 2012

Now This is a View!

 We went fishing today, it was quite a drive but it was only 15 miles up the mountain.  As you can see the drive down was worth stopping the truck for.
There are so many beautiful mountains here in Utah!  I will show you all some from time to time.  Of course Christmas hasn't come yet so I still have to use my cell phone or my little tiny camera but I still have a few pix that are breathtaking.
Sasha and Ollie are showing off Grandpa's catch, a rainbow trout.  Aren't they all adorable?  I sure think so!

Ok, on to sewing...I haven't had the chance yet but wanted to show you what a normal sewing kit looks like.
Yep it has thread, scissors, buttons, needles, everything you need, right?  Wrong.  Here is a real sewing kit for a quilt-a-holic that has to take at least one of everything she owns with her where ever she lands.  Right now it's mom's house but I have been known to cart a sewing machine around in the car with me from town to town.  One cannot be too far away from one's sewing kit.  Here it is... in very organized order...if I do say so myself.

Presenting my Brother machine in rolling tote with a thread stand a 1000 meter cone of white  Isocord thread and at least a dozen rulers of every size and shape.  Also a cutting board that turns and an iron.  I did bring my big embroidery machine but it's hiding in a cool place right now so it doesn't melt.

Next we have a variety of plastic containers that have essentials in them..this pix is upside down sorry.  The board it is sitting on is a pressing mat on one side and a cutting mat on the other.
Cutting tools, glue sticks chenille brushes turning tools.

Bobbins in every color, regular and painters tape, needle book (Thanks again Leslie) and every scissor I may need ooh and one for a friend or two. (Miss you guys, see you soon).
Machine Needles, blades, Memory stick.
These plastic containers stack together which really helps with the space saving storage.

Sewing machine feet
Embroidery thread, machine oil, quilt basting spray, water bottle, spray starch and a new calender for next year...who knows how long the sewing room will be out of commission.
I chose a pink rolling tote to put it all in to keep it from getting lost and to discourage the Mr. from putting tools in it in the garage.
It all fits neatly with a few projects in zip lock bags stashed in there too.  There's also an extension cord and a power bar tucked away in this little kit.
The table has telescoping legs, it's a smaller than usual table maybe 6 feet that folds but with legs extended it is plenty big enough.

Here it is!  My portable sewing room.  Now if I could just find my  Hope you all had a great Labor Day.


  1. The scenery is beautiful, the grandies are adorable (really!), and the sewing kit is awesome. Will you come pack for me the next time I go on a retreat? Or better yet, just come out and I'll use YOUR sewing kit!

  2. You sound like my kind of gal! We even have similar machines (I have the Innovis 80).