Saturday, August 31, 2013


Thank you all so much for such sweet comments on my day of the Hexie Queen Blog Hop.  The comments were so thoughtful and complimentary.  I really do read them and appreciate every single one.  So without further ado.  

The winner of the Blog Hop prize is #111  Vivian who said: "That pin cushion and thread catcher are adorable, you convinced me I have got to make one.  Love the I spy quilt too."  I am putting together a nice prize package for you and will have it in the mail on Tuesday.

Good news after looking for the pattern I had made the "Crown" Hexie pincushion from I realized that it is a free pattern offered by Moda.  (Of course I bought mine on Ebay).  Live and learn.  

If you are interested you can find the pattern HERE.  Or copy and paste this link.  I made the thread catcher without a pattern but if anyone wants to know how I can do a tutorial. 

 Those of you who I offered the pattern to and who sent me your address I will still send it to you in the mail just in case.  

Thanks again for stopping by my blog for the Hexie Queen Blog Hop!  Vickie


  1. Congrats Vivian. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  2. Thank you, can't wait to see what goodies I get!!

  3. YES you Vickie have a will be getting a bundle of fabric
    for our hexie hop. need your addy ....congrats

  4. THANK YOU so much for locating the pincushion pattern. I cannot wait to start playing! Congrats to the winner as well.