Thursday, October 18, 2012

Posey Pincushion Tutorial

So lately I've had a little more free time then usual and I've been making a few of these really pretty pins.   I was thinking I could sell some of these and made a pincushion to display them on.  I really liked the way it turned out it looks wavy on the sides like a flower.
Soooo, here's a tutorial.

Posey Pincushion

Choose 2 fabrics that you like and fold and press.  Layer cake squares work really well but I used fat quarters that I had on hand.  

Place the folds closest to you and then using a circle cutter cut 10 inch circles out of both fabrics.  After they are cut out fold the circles in half the other direction and press this will give you a line to cut on.  Or you could just measure in half both ways and cut.

Cut both pieces in quarters and then swap the fabrics to alternate like this.

(See that ink line I drew well I grabbed the wrong pen.  This one is permanent I made a boo boo so from here on that line just isn't there.  What line?) 
Flip the pieces and sew together.

The press your seams alternate directions.

Sew the other pieces the same way then put right sides together and sew 1/4 inch leaving an opening to turn.
Turn the piece right side out and press edges so they look nice.  Then sew about an inch from the outer edge leaving an opening just inside the other opening so that you can stuff.

I used about a cup of crushed walnut shells then put fiber fill on top of that.  It gives it a nice weight yet makes it nice and puffy on top.

Sew the inner seam closed.

Then sew the outer area closed by sewing it all the way around.

Next using a heavy thread and a long needle divide the pin cushion in quarters and pull the thread taut. (Did I spell that right)

Cover the center with a covered button and you are done.  

I'm thinking this needs a nice little thread bag attached to it.  Think I'll use that green fabric that is hiding my ugly ironing board.  Humm

Here she is again all done and you barely notice the ink line.  What line?

If you make one I'd love to see a picture!  Have a great weekend.



  1. thankyou for sharing Vickie,it is very cute,well done.xx

  2. Too cute! I may try one this weekend.

  3. Please disregard my last comment about wanting to see your pin cushion tutorial. Looks like I found it. LOL