Monday, June 24, 2013

Life in the Country

Eye to the Sky Balloon Festival was last weekend.  The fire alarm went off at 6 AM so we trecked out to the back yard in our Jammies.  We waited and waited and waited.  

Finally we drove a mile down to road to see what the hold up was and was able to watch the lift off.  I snapped a few pictures of these beautiful balloons as they were launched.  It's nice to live in the country where you can sit outside in your PJ's and well even drive down the road in your PJ's to see such a pretty site.

There were 25 of these aircrafts adorning the Utah sky this morning

When we got back home we fed the chickens, geese and ducks.  

This one is a cute little silkie who will follow you anywhere.  We named him Ed.  
Then we watered the garden

 Admired the loaded Apple trees,
 Then watered the flowers that I haven't managed to kill.
Then managed to photograph this pretty quilt I made for Courtney's room, more on that later.
 And discovered this Beautiful Climatis growing in the front yard.
Then it was 7 AM.  Wow I should get up early every Saturday.


  1. How cool to see this! We had a hot air baloon do an emergency landing in one of our hay fields back when my kids were young - they gave them a ride (as far as a tether rope) so they could burn off the fuel for loading up. Very pretty quilt.

  2. You are truly Living the Dream, girlfriend!!! Sounds like a lovely way to start your day.

  3. what a beautiful sight and you have some beautiful pics there.xx