Saturday, August 25, 2012

What I've been up to.

No it's not another episode of storage wars.  It's just a BIG unit full of our junk!  
  We started moving our junk treasures to a storage unit closer to our new potential home.  I have to show you, although I'm a bit embarrassed, the size of our unit.

 See it's not small at all.  And I can tell you it is full.  We pack light so it takes up more space...right?  I didn't use my cell for this picture lest someone steal our tire, lol.
 Yet another load...
Believe it or not we only have 1 or 2 more loads left and our little apartment will be empty.  I've handed over the reigns to my position to a very capable and wonderful lady and refuse to say goodbye to my dear friends I've worked with for so long.  This move has been a hard one for me.  But I know that our new home will be just as wonderful.

We picked a great home that has been a bit neglected and could use some updates.  Just wait until I show you all the back yard oh it is to die for.  We are just about ready to close on it but there has been a small problem that the sellers need to correct first.  We will be patient a little longer.  And in the meantime we get to live with MOM.  Oh Boy!  It's all about challenges and opportunities!
Sneak peek of the beautiful Wisteria plant that made me want this house.  I can't wait until next spring!!!

So I've been off for 3 weeks now I think...It's been great!  We've gone camping.  Well it was camping in a "Rustic Cabin".  I can't really recommend the Rustic Cabin.  It was a bit more like a shack but it was fun and we laughed the whole time.

                                                          We saw some beautiful sites

My DH  caught a few fish.  They were little but fun to catch and release.  I left my wallet at home so there was no license or fishing for me but I kept busy cross stitching.  With all the miles we've been driving during this move I've had lots of time to cross stitch.  This is called Halloween Rules by Lizzie Kate.  The border is a free download from the Lizzie Kate website.

It's so doggone cute it makes me wish for Halloween decorating time.  My DH made the frame for me.  It cost only a couple of dollars compared to the $50.00 price tag on the one that is made for it.  He's such a sweetie.

Finished my July Doll Quilt for Joni, the theme was Red, White and Blue and we decided that it would work for us.  I had lots of fun with this fabric that I got from Connecting Threads.

And this is the cute quilt she sent me.  Thank you Joni I love, love, love it!!!  She sent me the cutest little needle book and a beautiful card.  She put the nicest little label on it.  I usually forget that step.

I won a wonderful giveaway from Kris she was having a blogaversary and I won!!!  Thanks Kris these will come in handy with my new quilting space.  I've already started using the little mini charm pack to make some hexi's.
As far as sewing goes I've managed to make a few Great Granny along with Lori Holt and have just about finished this quilt top.  Love the pretty pastel colors in this fabric line.  I used 1 fat eighth roll to make 12 blocks. I wish I could tell you the name of this fabric line but the sewing room is all packed up and the tag is in a box somewhere.  I have just enough left to use for binding.
My darling partner Marissa sent me a wonderful batch of gifts for our Santa Sack Swap.  She said the bag is temporary but I disagree.  She couldn't have picked a better Santa Sack for me.  This bag will come in really handy with all of the shopping that I do at Joann's.  I love how she wrapped all of the little gifts in fabrics.  I will really be able to add to my stash with these sweet pieces.  Thanks so much Marissa.

Phew...that was a lot of stuff to show you.  I will try really hard to not be such a slacker when it comes to blogging from now on.  Thanks for stopping by and I turned off the word verification to make it easier to leave comments.  See you soon.  Vickie


  1. thankyou for that Vickie and boy lots happening for you,hope you get the house it looks lovely.xx

  2. made me tired! It looks like you've had a pretty nice summer, despite all the challenges of moving . Your Halloween cross stitch is really cute! And I love your grannies. I haven't jumped on that bandwagon yet. I hope everything goes smoothly with the final move.

  3. Great wins and cute quilts. When we moved here, the movers couldn't believe how much stuff we fit into our old house, and I LOADED those boxes tight.