Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1st

My favorite month of the year!  FEBRUARY  My birthday is this month, that must be why I love hearts so much.  There are hearts all over my house even my socks have hearts on them.  So in honor of my birthday month I stitched the NPNT block; 
I'm sure my cake will have many many more candles on it than this one does it will probably set off the smoke detectors.
  I've started picking out fabrics to finish this quilt too, they will be pinks, purples, greens and yellows it sounds like spring to me.  Follow along with Kelly and I while we stitch our blocks each week until all of them are finished and we make them into quilts.

Don't you just love Pinterest?  I found these cute mouse pincushions on there and had to make a few, the purple polka dots seemed just right for this little one.
With a new month ahead and new holiday approaching I finally got all the Christmas decorations put away and brought out the Valentines decorations.  I talked a friend out of her old baby changing table and it now houses quite a few quilts.  I love the rustic look of it with the peeling paint and the wood spindles showing through.

I finished the Valentine skinny and hung it in a narrow place on the wall.
We live in an apartment for now...long story...but the seasons bring new decorations to this wall and small spaces that we are calling home temporarily.

 I found this old door on an old shed and it is weathered and worn but I love it!  
 Presley's little bald head looked cold to me so grandma made her a new hat.  She looks just like a little flower when she is wearing it.

Projects completed this week were the crochet hat, valentine skinny, decorating and lace embroidered bookmarks which were put in the mail today and the Initial heart swap was also sent out today I can show you in a few days.

Next week my goal is to; 
  • make and distribute 4 little valentine quilts (pictured above next to the flowers on the hutch).
  • finish one more Valentine wall hanging.
  • Make some baby burp clothes for a shower
  • Drag out one of my previously started projects and get it done.
Progress on my word of the year ... RESTRAINT...
Well... I got my package from Missouri star quilt company and the one from Connecting threads will be here any day, lol   Maybe I'll do better next week.  


  1. OMG the baby is soooo ADORABLE with her little hat on. Love the way you reused the baby changing table.
    I sent you an email with my addy.

    1. Hi quiltgrammy I didn't get your email and it wasn't in the junk folder either. Sorry about that, try again send it to

  2. Oh Vickie Presley is so cute with that wonderful little hat...and I am crazy about that changing table....what an awesome idea! LOVE it!

  3. That hat is adorable! Nice job! Also loving the little mouse pin cushion! Could you send me a link to where you found it? Is there a tutorial? Thanks!

  4. whow Vickie some very cute projects there,love what you sent to Donna.xx

  5. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!!!!