Thursday, January 26, 2012

Late January

What happened to the time?  It's already late January and Valentines day is just a few weeks away.  I just barely took the decorations off the tree and put away the Snowman decorations.  We finally got a dusting of snow but not enough to build a snowman but the little guy next door got to play with his snow shovel.

                       It seems like I've sewed a lot this week but don't have much          to show for it.
NPNT block stitch along with Kelly.

Paper pieced heart - this will be a banner when I get a couple more made.

Been wanting to make this for a while it's a Mulberry Street Design called Welcome Friends & Flakes and it's free.  You can find it HERE.

The February little quilt to attach to my  Turning Pages wall hanging.

I got my Block Swap Adventure Block from Sunny and it is BEAUTIFUL, the colors are perfect!  Thanks you so much Sunny I love, love, love it!!!

My New month's swap partner is Jorie and I can't wait to make her a wonky block.

My Initial Heart swap project is almost done and ready to send's a peak of what I made her.

I went with machine embroidery this time instead of quilting.  I hope she likes it, I lost a few brown hairs over it but not to worry they were quickly replaced with grey ones:)

I got a new ruler for the Lil Twister block and gave it a try here's what I came up with using the leftover charm squares from the quilt I made my husband during Kelly's quilt along.

I learned some not to put the light blocks too close to each other and not to use the same color as the border right next to the border.  Oh well it will be a nice table runner for his office.

A word about my WORD this year....RESTRAINT  well let me tell you it is easier to say than to do.  Just checking email...I get adds from every quilt shop, every ladies catalog, every indulgence I could dream of.  I have decided to opt out of some emails to restrict the temptations.

I have to tell a little story on myself.
I have the EQ6 program and was having trouble doing the borders on a quilt the way I wanted them to go so I decided to see if the EQ7 program was able to perform the function I wanted.  I went to the website, put the upgrade in my basket, had my credit card number in and ready to push the button when a little voice kept saying to me...Are you sure?  Do you really need it right this minute?  I was in a daze, a spending frenzy for something that I would only use occasionally to entertain myself, it's not a necessity, it doesn't feed me, cloth me, house me.  Did I need it?  Not right now.  So I pushed delete as fast as I could shook off the daze and took control of myself. Wow what a lesson that was to me.  I took a deep breath and got away from the computer.  Oh My Gosh!  This will be a year of learning self control.  This word has finally arrived and is quickly changing me, molding me into who I want to be.

Finally, I made a few of these lacy bookmarks.  Pretty aren't they?  The first 4 people who leave a comment can have one in their favorite colors.  Ready...Set...Comment away!


  1. Where is everyone? i thought I would be too late for a bookmark! i'm glad you like your block, Vickie. Once I got started on it, I really enjoyed making it. You've been very busy. REstraint is very difficult in this day of instant gratification. I usually delete the emails from Amazon for books, 123 Stitch for cross stitch........if I open them, I'm likely to open my wallet as well, and that's a no-no!

  2. Boy, I hear you - there are just too many ads - part of why I don't get magazines anymore - so you are right, just opt out of those e-mail notices! Sales are nice, but I am resigned this year to only shop my LQS - support a local business. Love all your little project, have printed out that cute snowman - thank you for sharing that.

  3. I know what you mean by restraint when it comes to anything to do with quilting,talk about hard!!!!!

    1. Hi quiltgrammy I need your address and favorite color for your bookmark. Thanks for checking out my blog and giving me much needed support

  4. I have that same conversation with myself almost every day. Those quilt shop adds are so tempting.

  5. Wow! Love all your work. Did you find your Welcome Wall hanging? I sure hope so. Love the bookmarks :( didn't make here in time. lol That's my biggest restraint is the embroidery designs. Take a break girl your going to rip a Love ya Teresa from Texas

  6. Restraint - what an excellent word - and I love how you processed through the temptation. You have some lovely things going on this week. All of the recent sales have been so tempting with everyone cleaning out - which should not mean I should acquire because they are making room. Thanks for sharing. Judy C

  7. Thanks for all of the great support, restraint is a hard word but well worth it if I can just make this great big change in my life. And thanks for all of the wonderful comments about my blocks. I love showing them off. Hey quiltgrammy you are a no reply so I can't get your address and favorite color from you. Just send me an email at

  8. Where did the month of January go? I have no clue...seems like we were just saying Happy New Year! Great've been a busy girl. Love you NPNT block...hmmm, restraint...what a great word. I've had many of those conversations with myself. The internet makes it way too easy for us. I've started putting things in the cart that I think I really need...LOL...and then let them sit for a day or so. Most times I really don't NEED them and empty the cart.
    Lots of times I figure out in an hour that I really don't need them.

  9. wow.... I love your paper pieced heart !!!! so beautiful and so excited with black-and-white background!
    hugs from Russia!