Sunday, July 10, 2011

Marilyn Badger

Marilyn's thread dress
I had the pleasure of spending the day with  Marilyn Badger!!!  I know, I know lucky me!  She is the nicest lady and taught me so much.  I  made a vest from thread and fibers on the long arm.  Hers are so beautiful as you can see in the pictures.   I was totally in awe of her the whole day! I was lucky enough to see her newest quilt but I can't show it until after July as it is going off to be judged for competition.  Let me tell you it is AMAZING!!!

Marilyn and Me

A beautiful quilt that Marilyn made
She said she didn't like it so she covered
it in thread stars.  

Beautiful thread jacket done
in purples and greens

Closeup of the thread art on quilt.

Closeup of thread work on jacket

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