Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nurse scrubs

I was recently contacted by a representative of Uniformed Scrubs who asked if I would be interested in trying a new scrub top in exchange for previewing it on my blog.    I haven't had the chance to do this before but who can turn down free scrubs so I agreed.

I'm not a fan of having my picture taken.

Lilly isn't too sure what is happening but she's used to mom acting weird.

The scrub top they sent me was of high quality fabric (and I know fabric) and fits really nicely.   Scrubs sizes vary and usually do not fit well or are made of poor quality fabrics but this one is just what I was hoping for. I am going to order from them after all I need new pants to go with the new top.   

I really like this top and can recommend this company to you.  If you are looking for Nurse Scrubs or Medical Scrubs you can find them HERE.  

As a thank you UNIFORMED SCRUBS has offered a coupon for 15% off your purchase at their website until September 30th.   Just enter the code "scrubfashion"  at checkout to receive your discount. 

You can also check them out on;
and also on their Blog.


  1. lovely pic of you Vickie.xx

  2. Well, I think that is a knock-out picture! You should re-read the card I sent to you! ;-) It is true!

  3. Great picture. Glad you like the scrubs, too.

  4. Wow Vicky you are looking great. It looks like the scrub don't have pockets. I would need pockets. Really great seeing you again. LOL

  5. Vicky- I think you look adorable in your scrubs! Try to get more photos of yourself, it may be all that's left for someone to remember what a gift you were in their life! They won't see the flaws, they will see the love!