Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Sewing

It seems like I only blog once a month but hey it's Summer and there is way too much to do!  So in a nutshell July went something like this;
I love participating in the monthly Doll Quilt Swap. I've had partners from everywhere.  These ladies and so fun to work with and are so very creative and inspiring.

Finally got this doll quilt done for my swap partner Pam.  This was supposed to be done in June but like I said it's Summer time.  The theme for June was Fantasy and her fantasy was to have a Quilt Patch. 

 Here is the quilt she sent me.  I have a chicken theme going on in the dining and kitchen area and this is how I used my little chicken quilt.  She asked me what I do with my Doll Quilt Swap quilts  so this is an example.  I'll try to do a blog post soon showing how I use them to decorate my home. Click on the picture for a better view of the little quilt.  Pam is aspiring to become a free motion quilter and she did a lovely job on this little quilt.  Thanks again Pam!

My July swap partner is Karen  who lives in Germany.  We decided on a Summer theme instead of a Patriotic theme with traditional red white and blue.  This is the beautiful quilt she sent me.
Karen has been invited to teach the folded star at her local quilt guild.  She did a Beautiful job on this quilt.  Thank You again Karen.
If you are reading this Karen and you haven't gotten your package yet you shouldn't scroll down unless you don't care to be surprised....

And here is what I created for her.  Hope she has her sunglasses on when she opens it.

Vintage Schnibbles 

This month's Vintage Schnibbles Quilt is called  Lincoln and here is my version made from the fabric line called Notting Hill by Robyn Pandolph.

After searching high and low for a long arm quilter to rent I finally gave up and quilted this little baby on my old Kenmore sewing machine and I must say it looks fabulous ( from the back of a galloping horse) that is.  Oh well it's done and I can enter it into the parade on Sinta's Blog.

Mom and I are going on a trip for a few days to Idaho to see my brother and family
so I made a couple of Jewelry bags. 

You can find the pattern HERE .

We are growing a garden.  The first picked produce this year is beets and these are now pickled.  I love the feeling of accomplishment I get from growing something and putting it up for later.  

The Ducks and Geese are getting more tame and can be spoiled hand fed.  

Next month will bring a new Blog Hop, the Hexi Blog Hop!  I'm signed up for August 23rd and have already made a couple of projects to show.  Be sure to come back on August 23rd and see what I've gotten accomplished.  

Wow what a day I've had.  Got ready for work and went into the garage and my car had a flat tire.  I happened to have mom's spare car in my garage so I just loaded my stuff into her car and off I went.  Before I got to my second patient the car started acting up and then it died.  Well that was just not normal her car always works.  I stopped for a few minutes then started it up and got almost home and it died again and wouldn't start so I called my husband to come and rescue me.  It acted like it was out of gas even though the gauge didn't say it was empty.  Well my hero came to help me out and I got out to help push the car off the road.  The door shut and locked with keys, cell phone and everything in it.  Man oh man what a day and it wasn't even Monday.  I sure hope tomorrow goes better.  

This about covers the:

For this month.  It's been busy and fun.  Thanks for stopping by and taking the time out of YOUR busy day to see what I've done.  Hugs, Vickie  


  1. Just lovely doll quilts - it is a great group. Ah, car trouble - hate it, but at least you were close to home and not on a thoroughfare.

  2. wow Vickie those doll quilts are esquite and love bottled beetroot and that bag is so cute.xx

  3. You and your swap partners have made some really lovely doll quilts. I liked seeing how you decorate your house. The Chicken log cabin block looks really good there! You have been really busy and you had quite a lousy day. How you had a nice visit with your brother.

  4. These are beautiful, Vickie. Your partners are going to love them.

  5. Fabulous Schnibble! I hope your day goes better today :-)

  6. Love the colours in your schnibble. I found you from the schnibble parade!

  7. Beautiful quilts and your Lincoln turned out great and did you like quilting on your vintage machine?

  8. A busy summer for sure! What productivity. Can't imagine what you get done in winter, LOL! As for car problems....we've all had days like that, haven't we? Not cool!