Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Santa Sack Reveal

I am so spoiled!!!  Marissa sent me the perfect gifts.  She knew just what I would like.  A few of the things you can see here are a YoYo maker, a pincushion, my initial V, a cross stitch sampler complete with charms, pins, buttons, scizzors, Cocoa, A book - One yard Wonders - Candle warmers in 2 sizes complete with yummy scents.  2 fat quarter packs that are perfect for making a quilt.  Lots of the gifts were wrapped in fat quarters so I have a whole new stash now.  She also sent Hershey kisses (I gave them to the grandkids last weekend) and pistashio's which I love and some butter cookies.  I know that isn't all but it's the msot of it and I really appreciated everything she did for me.  I will be looking forward to the Santa Sack Swap next year and hoping I get as good a partner as I did this year.  Thank you Marissa!!!


  1. Holy Moly!! What a wonderful sack full of gifties - Happy Holidays!

  2. WoW!! Santa's elves were working overtime, I love that you had gifts wrapped in fabric too:D
    Merry Christmas *

  3. wow lots of gorgeous things there,lucky you.xx