Monday, April 23, 2012

Look what the mailman brought me!

I had  to show you the BEE-U-T-FUL Doll Quilt that if received from my partner.  She is Diane Wild from Bearly Wild Bears.  Just take a look at the Fabulous HAND PIECED doll quilt.  And she included a sweet little bunny with it wearing a very special note.  All of the tiny little pink flowers are hand pieced!

The Quilting is exquisite!!!

And you have to meet my new little pal...Tulip.

Here's what her little note says;
Hi Vickie,
My name is Tulip and I'm being sent to you 
from Diane with the doll quilt she made just for you. 
Diane is hoping that you will adopt me.
You see, the bears and bunnies are threatening
to take over Diane's home and she decided it
was time we find new places to live.  We love
to live with quilters because they appreciate
how cute we are and they usually have us
snuggled on colorful quilts.  I love snuggly
quilts and I think this one suits me very well.

The tulips were hand pieced because the small
pieces kept disappearing down the needle hole on
the sewing machine.  Being a bunny, I know
all about disappearing down holes.
So here I am
How lucky am I?

Lastly my sweet little neighbors are moving and Hyrum is a HUGE 3 foot tall fan of John Deer.  When he found out that I could sew he asked me for a "John Deer backpack".  I found the cutest pattern on Connecting Threads and couldn't resist making one for him and his sister and a car seat blanket for his brand new baby sister.

Turned out pretty good.  I'm sad they are moving but am blessed for having known them.  

See you Thursday with the announcement for the winner of the blog hop drawing for the Twister ruler and Isacord thread. 


  1. I love the quilt!! I have been making a lot of I Spy Quilts and putting different John Deer squares in the boy ones. I sew and craft and I just started blogging. I would love to have some friends. I'm having a drawing today and I invite you and your friends to