Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday updates

 Today is the date to update everyone on the NPNT stitch along.  These designs were created by Helen Stubbings.  My blocks are coming along quickly, so quickly in fact that I have started another stitch along with Kelly, I'll post pix of that later but for now I am just enjoying all of the cute cute cute blocks that I am stitching.  Who doesn't love Teddy Bears?  Please go to Kelly's blog to see her latest creation and to Carol's blog to check hers out too.

Along with the stitch along I've joined a quilt along with Kelly at Charming Chatter and it is coming along beautifully.  There are sure a lot of pieces to this puzzling quilt but it is turning out so pretty.  What do you think?  Only 30 more blocks to sew together and I'll be ready for sashings.

Each one turns out so different

                              Some of my lights are more like mediums but I like how they are turning out.

Not like I don't have enough to do but I work much more efficiently when I'm busy so I decided to start this really cute redwork quilt, the pattern is from Redwork*Winter Twitterings* by Pearl Louise Krush.  I've got 3 blocks done so far, I used DMC 816 because I like the barn red color of it.  I've chosen a few fabrics for the quilt but will show them later.  Kelly is joining me in a stitch along it's gonna be fun!

Opps looks like I missed a snowflake

I sure need a new iron, it looks like mine made a few spots on this block, cuss, cuss, cuss.

And Presley just turned 3 months old, isn't she the the cutest?


  1. Your NPNT block is soooooooo cute...Love your Quilt Along blocks, they sure are fun to put together. And those Twitterings blocks are awesome! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE them!

  2. Oh My Gosh - so many pretty things to see, all in one post. I so love your Teddy Bear block, and the WT blocks are beautiful! So glad you finally snuck in the blocks for hubby's quilt so we could see them! That is going to be such a gorgeous quilt :)!! And, Presley is a doll! Hugs!