Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's Wednesday

It's Nice People Nice Things Day!  I have been working on many projects this week at work and at home.  But today I'd like to pay a special tribute to a special lady who's name is Rose..  I chose this block because of her.  You see...

Rose was my friend, she was the mother to two boys many grandchildren and many many great grandchildren and was loved by all who knew her.   Although she had many ailments that would bring  most all of us to our knees, she would put on a smile and be as pleasant as she could be.  Rose taught many of us to crochet, she made some beautiful patterns.  She worried about others, was selfless and giving.  She went away for a while but remembered to call us to tell us how she was doing and catch up on what we were doing.  We could see that she was declining, we wished it wasn't so but after a brave battle she went home to her father.  Each one of us that knew her... she always got a hug, a kiss on the forehead and the words came easily... I love you Rose.  The last words she said to me were "you are so sweet".  I will treasure those words!  So..with permission from her son, I share this tribute with you today on Nice People, Nice Things Day to remember a very very special lady.  Love you Rose!

Along with NPNT I've been working on my Winter Twitterings blocks this week I only got 2 done but it was quite a week, let me tell you!  So I think 2 was great!  I am loving the way they are turning out.  I don't take the best pictures so there are shadows and things but you get the drift.  Please check out Kelly's and Carol's NPNT blocks and Kelly's Winter Twitterings as we are having a stitch along.  Can't wait to see what next week brings!  

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  1. LOVE your NPNT block...oh and those Twitterings blocks are as cute as they can be.