Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Fun

Everyone loves to get things in the mail right?  So I made these for my grandkids , mailed them out today and they should receive them by Monday.  I found this cute idea on a blog some time ago and now I can't remember where but I can tell you how it was done.  

1. Drink a lot of soda, or buy some for your friends and then ask for the bottles back.
2.  Cut a hole in the side, I used a seam ripper.  Cut down 2 inches, across about 3 inches and up 2 inches, this will leave the top portion still attached, like a flap.
3.  Put a piece of clear packing tape on the inside of the flap and lift the flap open.
4.  Fill bottle with all kinds of fun things, I used colorful socks, candy, glow in the dark spiders and snakes, bubbles, a glow stick and pencils and some colorful crinkled paper.
5.  Close the flap using clear packing tape and then cover taped area with a label.  Tighten the lid and put a piece of tape around it too.
6.  Address and mail.  The cost was $5.10 each for priority mail or first class. I can't wait to get a few phone calls on Monday.
I got quite a few fun comments from people in line and the mail clerk, nobody could figure out how I got those things in there and I was praised as the Best Grandma Ever!  


  1. That is the cutest idea I've ever seen! Love it! You are an amazing grandma!

  2. Thanks Carol, I love the title you have bestowed upon me! It was a lot of fun even though I went a bit overboard. I love those kids!!!

  3. What a cute idea! Your grandkids should really have a nice memory from this thoughtful gift:)