Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Tribute

This summer has been an especially long one...let me explain.  My dear dad was diagnosed with multiple myeloma 2 years ago.  He had never been sick a day in his life and never missed work.  He was a workaholic, you could say.  As the summer drew to a close we realized that it would be his last.  We watched as the days passed with dread as disease took him.  He lives about 500 miles from me and so our visits have been few and very far between.  I always knew he was there and he knew I was here so we took comfort in the knowledge that a phone call would connect us when needed.  On September 11, a day we will all never forget, he took his last breath.  I was at his side along with brothers and sisters and his loving wife.  I am by profession a Hospice nurse and I realize that one can never prepare for the passing of a loved one of their own.  We are "a brady bunch" family.  Dad had 3 kids, I'm the oldest.  Mom had 4 kids.  We all became one big happy family.  I've watched from afar as the siblings grew and had families of their own.  I've watched my dad become a grandfather and great grandfather.  Let me tell you he was the best....ever!  I had the pleasure of speaking at his funeral.  It was something that I never expected to do but it did bring back some wonderful memories of my childhood.  With love we say goodbye to the best dad in the world.  From our arms to God's arms.  I love you Dad!


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, Vickie. Losing a parent is so incredibly hard. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  2. Oh Vickie - what a wonderful tribute. Your dad would be so proud. I'm truly sorry for your loss - it's one I don't think we ever truly get over. You're in my thoughts - and I'm sending big hugs.

  3. Thanks Sunny and Kelly, Your comments mean so much!